JULY 20TH – 24TH
This year kids will have a blast as they discover how to trust in
what they CAN’T see because of what they CAN see by putting
the FOCUS on God and His amazing plan for us. We’ll use this week to
explore four different ways we can FOCUS on God: Hear, Talk, Pray, Live.
Registration is REQUIRED. 100 Virtual VBS kits will be assembled. Each kit will contain supplies for one child, so you will need to register each child that is participating. It is first come first serve to reserve your Virtual VBS kit. When all kits have been reserved, registration will close. We will NOT be accepting walk-ups this year. There is no cost to participate in Virtual VBS. You will need a computer or device, internet connection, a Virtual VBS kit and general craft supplies (list to be provided closer to VBS).

To register your child(ren) click here.  

This Virtual VBS can be completed at your own pace. Online materials and links will begin posting on Monday July 20th. Virtual VBS will remain online until July 31st. If you are out of town or unavailable on certain days, feel free to complete Virtual VBS at your own pace.
Please share with family and friends!!  If you have any questions,
please contact Whitney Pope at