How to Participate the Communion Service:
At the end of our regular online worship experience there will be a short pause followed by a second service-a brief but complete communion liturgy.  Those interested in sharing the sacrament don’t need to do anything more than simply stay online after the first service concludes.

How to Prepare of the Elements at Home

The two elements, the bread and wine, will be the responsibility of the participants and there are two primary ways to manage this.

  1. You can provide from things you may already have at home. The elements themselves are traditionally bread and unfermented wine, however, that’s tradition.  The specific elements can vary as necessitated by what’s available.  This means you can make bread, buy bread, use crackers, etc.  The ‘cup’ can be filled with wine or juice. The key is that these elements be prepared in advance.
  2. Come by the church to pick up prepackaged communion elements.  The church front office staff are available Monday-Thursday, 9am to 2pm.

How to Prepare the Table at Home:

Before the Communion service begins, arrange the prepared elements in front of you.  The speaker and the liturgy will guide you from that point forward as to what to do and when.

The Communion service requires interactions on the part of the participants.  There are responses and prayers that are normal to the traditional service and participation can be done aloud or silently as each feels led.  However, it may benefit participants to prepare for a short time of quiet, without too many disturbances, to enhance the intimate nature of the sacrament.

What do we do with leftovers?

Please remember that these are consecrated elements. Dispose of them in a sacred fashion. Since the elements came from the ground (wheat, grapes, etc.) they should go back into the ground. Thus, break the bread into small pieces and scatter them outside and pour the juice onto the ground.

If you have questions, please email the church,, with your inquiry or email us to request a return phone call; be sure to leave your number in the email. We will do our best to address concerns and provide specifics as needed.


Warmest regards,

Your Church Staff