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Current Series


“Suit Up”

September 9, 2018
A powerful message based on Acts 1:6-11.
W H A T ‘ S    N E W

Upcoming Series


“Terrible Financial Advice”

September 16 – October 14, 2018
This series is based on “Jesus’ Terrible Financial Advice” by John Thornton. For these five weeks, we’ll focus on financial stewardship and the bigger picture of serving and glorifying God.

“The Kingdom”

October 21 – November 25, 2018 

For six weeks, we’ll spend time on Jesus’ sayings about the Kingdom of God andHeaven. The Kingdom isn’t just a future promise, but a present reality. We’ll look for signs of it in our time and our part of the world.


“Let There Be…”

December 2 – 23, 2018

Each week, the candles on the Advent wreath symbolize hope, peace, joy, and love. Along with that, the sermon will focus on each of these promises that come with the birth and return of Christ.