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Everyone has a story, here is ours.

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As early as 1832, Methodists settled in what would eventually become Dacula and started a brand new church, known as Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church. For over 180 years, we have worshipped God, supported each other, served our community and the world, and sought after God’s vision for the future.

Pleasant Hill relocated eventually and took a new name. In fact, we have moved and worshipped under a different name a few times until moving into our current location on Fence Road in 1999 and taking the name of Dacula United Methodist Church in 2010.

In the late 90’s, we experienced a significant turning point that led to the most recent relocation. The congregation, which numbered about 100 on any given Sunday, placed their trust in God and faithfully chose to make space for more people to encounter Christ. They remodeled their worship, started the first preschool in Dacula, changed the way they did youth and children’s ministries, and sacrificed to build a facility that could hold it all.

Their obedience was rewarded. We now have three to four times as many people in worship each week and hundreds of people that have since become a part of Dacula UMC. Unique to many churches in our area, you’ll find that less than 5% of our church family has been here for more than 15 years, simply because of how fast our community has changed. We hold tight to our history and honor those who came before us as we relentlessly pursue Christ into the future.

Seasons come and go and generations pass and our remaining constant is our love of God and love of others. The people of Dacula UMC have been pioneers and leaders in our community. We continue to embrace that calling as we actively work for the good of all and raise future generations to take on that mantle.

We are also grateful that for our long history, and continuing into the future, we have been a part of the Methodist denomination. We have been closely tied to every United Methodist Church around the world and, through that partnership, have been able to affect real change in the lives of millions of people. You can learn more about the United Methodist church by visiting www.umc.org

Where will we go next? We’re not completely sure yet, but you can bet that it will be where God leads us. We hope that you’ll be a part of our story.